10.04. Tuesday from 15.00 – Seminar of the President of LMHI Dr. Alok Pareek

10.04. Tuesday afternoon from 3 pm – Seminar of the President of the International Medical Homeopathic League Dr. Alok Pareek “Homeopathic support of patients with complex chronic pathology, including oncology”


Dr. Alok Pareek is a hereditary homeopath in 3 generations. Practices homeopathy for more than 40 years. Director of the homeopathic hospital for 50 places, a polyclinic center for 200 visits per day, a research and international training center. Closely collaborates on a joint program with the famous homeopath from Switzerland, Dr. Dario Spinedi – the director of the homeopathic hospital of Santa Croce, the treatment of homeopathy with cancer patients.