The composition of the scientific Committee

1. Raj Manchanda is President of the Scientific Council on homeopathy of the Ministry of AYUSH (traditional medicine of India), Secretary for scientific research in the international homeopathic medical League (LMHI), Chairman of the Scientific Committee.
2. Zilov Vadim Georgievich – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, academician, head of the Department of integrative medicine first Moscow state medical University them. I. M. Sechenov, co-chair of the Scientific Committee.
3. Tomkevich Maria Surenovna – doctor of medicine, President of the national Association of traditional and complementary medicine, co-Chairman of the organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee of the international Congress “world homeopathy day”, member of LMHI.
4. Il’enko Lidiya Ivanovna – doctor of medicine, Professor, head of Department. Department of hospital Pediatrics № 2 PF RNIMU. H. And. Pirogova, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation, Vice-President of the Russian homeopathic society.
5. Irina Buryakova – candidate of technical Sciences, national representative of the European Committee for homeopathy from Russia (NR ECH), Vice – President of the Russian homeopathic Association, head of the Department of traditional medicine and homeopathy of the parliamentary center “Integrated homeland security, member of LMHI.
6. Novosadyuk Tatyana – candidate of veterinary Sciences, member of the Executive Committee of The Russian homeopathic society, head of the veterinary section of RGO.
7. Osokina Lyudmila Grigoryevna – candidate of medical Sciences, member of the national Council for homeopathy, member of the Executive Committee Of the Russian homeopathic society, member of LMHI.
8. Tereshina Natalya Sergeevna – doctor of pharmacy, leading researcher of the Department of state Pharmacopoeia and Pharmacopoeia analysis, center for Pharmacopoeia and international cooperation, member of the Executive Committee of the Russian homeopathic society.
9. Ilya Tiraspolsky – member of the Presidium of the Russian homeopathic society, responsible for international relations, member of LMHI.