Interesting facts about homeopathy

– Russian Tsar Nicholas I was an ardent supporter of homeopathy. So, known the fact that in any, even the shortest journey he did not go without a homeopathic first aid kit.
– Paul McCartney is a big supporter of homeopathy. “I can not do without homeopathy, homeopathic first aid kit always with me, and I often use it.” Paul began to use homeopathy after he saw a great result of treatment for tonsillitis in Linda’s wife. Antibiotic treatment gave a rapid but brief effect, whereas homeopathic remedy did not act so quickly, but cured of tonsillitis entirely.
– In Switzerland, a study was conducted, which showed that the side effects of chemical therapy are 70%.
– In Germany, according to the Koch Institute, 75% of the population use naturopathy. As a rule, chemical drugs work only on the “symptom” of the disease, and do not affect the root cause of the disease, thus the disease goes into deeper and irreversible phases.
– Homeopathy in England is under the protection of the British crown. In 1854, during the cholera epidemic, homoeopathic hospital deaths were only 16.4 per cent, while in other hospitals the mortality rate was 51.8 per cent.
– In England, every third doctor prescribes homeopathic medicines to his patients.
In Glasgow, more than 50,000 people receive homeopathic care each year.
– 70% of the Brazilian population uses homeopathic treatment
In India there are 10 large pharmaceutical companies, 2000 homeopathic clinics, homeopathic 80 hospitals.
– Homeopathy at all times and in all countries is considered “elite” medicine.
– In Russia, 64% of applicants to the homeopathic doctor have higher education.
– Every eighth patient of a homeopath belongs to a well-off category of citizens.

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